There was a television commercial that I saw recently that promoted the  idea that their product didn't contain a chemical called triclosan.  I  don't remember if it was Crest or Colgate or whatever, but the triclosan part stuck in
my mind.  After researching and knowing about natural  products and things to avoid, triclosan is one of those chemicals listed as being potentially harmful.

I find it interesting because the effects of triclosan and  it's presence in may hygienic products have been know
for many years.   The FDA even maintains that products that use these chemicals are  perfectly safe to use and consumers should not have any worries.  Why  then would a big company spend millions of dollars on advertising that  their product does not contain it?  Do they know something we don't?   Perhaps it's a simple marketing ploy designed to target the very fears  when in reality... there isn't really anything to be afraid of. 

A similar issue has occurred with aluminum and deodorants.  Studies came out that were linking the use of underarm deodorants and  aluminum with possible breast cancer development.  A scary thought to  say the least, but the FDA maintains that there is no risk.  That still  hasn't stopped the use of aluminum free deodorant products to sky rocket over the last decade or so.  Whether true or not, people are motivated  by fear and big companies prey on that emotion.  Prey is a bad word, but they do exploit it to a certain degree.  

Whatever the reason, I personally am glad that they did  this.  It brings a greater awareness to chemicals used in many common  products and I believe people will search out information and learn  about things when it pertains to their health.  First aluminum in  deodorants and now triclosan in toothpaste.  What's next, parabens in  shampoo?  One could only hope.


11/10/2013 1:20am

I am interested, give more detail
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